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PrivacyStar has been very busy since we were formed just over 3 years ago. Not only have we spent our time perfecting and constantly improving the quality of our app and it’s various features, we’ve also been working on building a strong relationship with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

“Your Phone, Your Privacy” has been a motto we’ve stuck to since day one. We believe that consumers have the right to not only control who calls them and when, but also take action against illegal calls and texts by reporting these sneaky guys to the FTC.

PrivacyStar’s Complaint Filing feature is one of our greatest (in our opinion), and over 100K users have been taking advantage of how easy it is to report Debt Collectors & Telemarketers directly from your phone, straight to the FTC. Because of this useful data, PrivacyStar utilizes¬†SmartBlock which automatically blocks the top 25 most blocked and complained against numbers from calling PrivacyStar users. (Just another reason to get the app!) And each month we go a step further for all of you and publish the top 100 numbers- with actual details about the number of times they’ve been blocked, number of complaints filed against them, and number of times we’ve blocked their calls from getting through.

Check back each month to see if any of these numbers are on your most unwanted list!

We also keep track of issues and laws related to each state’s Fair Debt Collection Laws. View our list of Fair Debt Collection Laws and practices by state.¬†