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PrivacyStar in PCWorld

PCWorld’s Tony Bradley published a great piece entitled “How to Stop Telemarketing Calls to Your Mobile Phone“. In it, Tony talks about the common misperception that mobile phones are protected against telemarketers, debt collectors, and other unsolicitated phone call. As we all know, that simply isn’t the case.  Not only does he insist you listing your number with the Do Not Call List, but also recommends PrivacyStar as viable option to log complaints….

Everyone has encountered a telemarketing call. It may be a robocall directing you to vote for some political candidate, or perhaps some local organization seeking donations. But, most people are used to getting those calls on their home land line, not their mobile phones. Telemarketers are increasingly targeting mobile phone numbers, though, so here is what you need to do to stop–or at least minimize–those annoying calls.

PrivacyStar, an app available for Android and BlackBerry smartphones that lets users report violations of the Do Not Call list to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has compiled stats from the over 200,000 complaints it has logged to date. According to PrivacyStar, more than half of the users who have used the app to lodge complaints never registered for the Do Not Call List in the first place.

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