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PrivacyStar Featured in Lifehacker ‘De-Spaming’ Article

There are so many spam messages out there, from your email to phone calls to text messages. Marketers and scammers will try to get to you any way they can. Lifehacker proposed a few novel solutions, PrivacyStar included as one of the better text blocking apps out there. What you might not know, however, is that PrivacyStar does a lot more than just block text messages.

What Does the PrivacyStar Android App Do?

  1. Provides advanced caller ID that tells who who is calling, not just the location
  2. Directory assistance
  3. Blocks text messages
  4. Blocks phone calls
  5. Uses SmartBlock to stop unwanted calls and spam from the top user reported spam numbers
  6. Provides a permanent record of who calls you for legal action


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