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PrivacyStar Featured in L.A. Times about Text Message Spam

PrivacyStar is honored to have been mentioned in the L.A. Times post “Text spam driving you crazy? Here’s how to fight back” by Deborah Netburn on Wednesday.

Deborah touches on how text spam is not only annoying, but potentially unsafe as well.

If you want to claim that “free” iPad, or a $1,000Wal-Mart gift card, you’ll often be asked to divulge personal information that the spammer may sell to marketers or, worst case scenario, use to access your bank account.

And if you think replying “STOP” to the message will make it all go away, think again. Any reply to the message will only confirm that the spammer has hit on a working cellphone number, and he or she can sell the number to marketers.

Even if you choose to ignore the texts, they can still show up on your phone bill with charges as high as $9.99 per unwanted text.

She also goes into detail on how text spam is illegal and lists your options for action. We especially love that our app allows you to not only block the number from contacting you, but also direct reporting to the FTC- straight from your phone!

Read the full article here.

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