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New Mobile Privacy Legislation Introduced

Congress introduced a new bill recently requiring mobile phone makers, network providers, and application developers to disclose any monitoring software installed on a mobile device. Representative Ed Markey introduced the bill as “The Mobile Device Privacy Act” and stated that “apps very commonly access our sensitive information- location, photos, web browsing, history, etc. Apps often do this without prior notice and even when the app isn’t actively being used.”

Markey believes this issue needs to be regulated by the FTC and that state attorney generals should be able to take action against mobile companies that violate regulations.

According to PC World, the bill is unlikely to pass because it was introduced so close to November’s general election. And proponents of the bill, including the Software & Information Industry Association, believe this is a good thing.

Mark MacCarthy, SIIA’s VP said the bill would “impose rigid privacy rules on the mobile industry that can only lead to stagnation and a loss of innovative dynamism. And what a loss that would be for such a dynamic, growing industry.”

Several other trade groups have also stepped out in opposition of the bill.

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