Reported Debt Collector

Number: 720-449-5010


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Reported Debt Collector

Rank: 237,067

Type: Landline

Complaints Filed on 720-449-5010 by PrivacyStar Users

PrivacyStar mobile customers and web visitors file complaints against Telemarketers and Debt Collectors when they believe their rights have been violated. Complaints are passed along to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for review and potential action. The complaints for 720-449-5010 are summarized here for your review.

Caller called before 8AM or after 9PM. Caller has called me repeatedly or continuously. I have never given my phone number to this caller.

  • User Details
  • 2013/12/24 10:06:48AM
  • Caller Violations
  • After Hours
  • Keeps Calling
  • Never Gave Number to Caller

Lookup Event Log

Lookups are phone number searches on the PrivacyStar web and mobile apps. The most recent lookups for 720-449-5010 are shown below by date, time and the app used.
  • 2015/04/20
  • 11:57:35PM
  • Branson MO
  • 2015/04/14
  • 07:18:35PM
  • 2015/03/12
  • 02:12:25PM
  • 2015/02/25
  • 06:19:15PM
  • 2015/02/17
  • 10:13:31AM
  • 2015/02/16
  • 09:12:55AM
  • 2015/02/13
  • 05:17:03PM
  • 2015/02/11
  • 04:31:17PM
  • 2015/02/10
  • 10:14:40AM
  • 2015/02/08
  • 08:08:59AM

Block Event Log

Blocks are calls from this phone number that have been blocked by PrivacyStar customers using our mobile application. Any recent block activity for 720-449-5010 is shown below.
  • 2013/12/20
  • 06:03:20PM
  • Saint Louis MO
  • 2013/12/19
  • 12:05:34AM
  • Saint Louis MO

720-449-5010 Location Information

Additional information about Denver, Colorado is provided for further reference.
Denver, Colorado 80014
7.0588779 Square Miles Lat: 39.6637528° N. | Lon: -104.8374960° W
Total Population36710
Male Population16961
Female Population19749
Median Age (years)40.5
Native American216
Pacific Islander24