Do Not Disturb

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Ever been in a meeting or had your phone close by but couldn’t really take the call without being rude to the person you’re with? But then again, isn’t that rude to ignore the person calling- or not reply to them right away? In this high-speed digital world we live in, we’re almost in a lose/lose situation!

PrivacyStar’s Do Not Disturb feature¬†intercepts¬†mobile calls and sends the caller a customized text message, letting the caller know you’re busy and will call them right back. The call goes straight to voicemail on your end so you’re never bothered or distracted. Your text can say anything from “in a meeting- call you right back” to “Driving! will text when I can use my hands and eyes at the same time!”

PrivacyStar’s Do Not Disturb makes intentionally missing calls a win/win for all!