Device Requirements

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PrivacyStar works with most current devices and operating systems. We are constantly working to provide as many features to all devices as possible. There are some restrictions on specific devices, operating systems, and carriers that limit some features.

Standard Carrier charges apply for data access and air time usage associated with the use of PrivacyStar. PrivacyStar has options for blocking calls that may use airtime minutes. Several features of PrivacyStar rely on data access for functionality. Check with your carrier for any restrictions, terms of use, and billing methods for incoming calls.

Below is a list current device requirements and known restrictions on specific devices and for specific features. Please be sure to test PrivacyStar on your device during the free trial period.


The PrivacyStar Android application requires an Android device running OS 2.2 or higher.

The OS version on your device can be located in the About Phone section in settings.

1. From the home screen press menu
2. Select the settings icon (typically a gear)
3. Select About Phone
4. Typically the OS is listed as Firmware Version or OS version


Caller ID

Caller ID requires a supported device and simultaneous voice and data connections at the time of the call. GSM based cell networks support simultaneous voice and data when on 3G. CDMA based cell networks support simultaneous voice and data when on 4G. Simultaneous voice and data can also be achieved with a cell voice connection and an active WiFi connection.

Caller ID is currently supported on all versions of Android OS 2.2 and higher.