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PrivacyStar is proud to be an official sponsor of the Perrelli World Challenge Series. Our love for sports cars and speed has drawn us into this series like no other, along with thousands of fans across the country. Pick your favorite team, car, and driver and hang on for one wild ride!

PrivacyStar’s 2013 racing team: TruSpeed Motorsports
Car: Porsche, GT3 Cup
Drivers: Find out at first race, March 22nd, St. Petersburg!

Perrelli World Challenge is North America’s top production car-based championship. Races are a maximum of 50 minutes start to finish and feature standing starts and the world’s most popular manufacturers racing head-to-head.

It’s an excitement filled sport and one we are very passionate about! Let the Sports Car Wars begin!

Check out the TruSpeed Racing site and learn about our drivers and competition dates.