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Founded in late 2008, PrivacyStar is a smartphone application for Android that provides users with complete control of their smartphones. PrivacyStar has blocked over 120 million calls for our users and filed over 300,000 complaints directly with the Federal Trade Commission.

Our experience includes working with fortune 500 companies and providing complex solutions involving large databases and real time stable environments.

We work with many of the largest telecommunications providers in the United States. We have experience integrating into carrier billing systems, mobile marketing, analytics and converting free trials into paying subscribers.

We have years of regulatory experience working with both Federal and State bodies to define and understand all aspects of consumer protection laws and regulations.

Our mission is to provide consumers with comprehensive privacy on their mobile phone while also allowing easy complaint filing with Federal and State authorities for Do Not Call and Fair Debt Collections Practices Act violations. Our belief is that you should have control over your phone.

Consumer privacy protection related to telephonic communication is our business.


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