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With cell phones becoming the primary source of communication, the need to control them is more important than ever before. Annoying and unwanted phone calls are growing at rapid speed, up over 50% year over year. Telemarketers and debt collectors are scurrying to find new ways to contact you now that landlines are going away, and it’s not that hard to find your mobile number.

Look at your Facebook page. Did you list your contact number? What about when placing a classified ad in the paper or on craigslist? Everyone from online retailers to lost pet forums wants your phone number, and that information often gets shared with people vying for your ear.

So what to do when it happens? Most major carriers do not offer simple call blocking solutions. From AT&T’s “Smart Limits”, which is costly and somewhat difficult to set up, to Sprint having no option at all, many people have been left with no other choice than to simply change their number. And no one wants that- not you, not your friends and family members, and certainly not your mobile carrier. Time and hassle = money.

If you have a smartphone, you now have the option to download a call blocking application. There are lots of choices out there, but the fine print is ultra-important! Many of these “free” applications actually download your contacts to use in large crowdsourcing pools. They may also allow ads to target your location and track your online browsing history. Or even worse, others may download and sell your personal data!

With PrivacyStar, your information is 100% secure. Consumer privacy is our foremost concern, and we’ve taken extreme measures to protect it. PrivacyStar never downloads your contacts or tracks anything you do with your phone. The only information we ask for is your email which is never sold or used in any way except for support purposes.

PrivacyStar’s call blocking feature is simple to use and can all be handled directly from your phone.

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The My Privacy List screen provides a listing of all blocked numbers added on your device or on the web portal. Once a number is added to your privacy list, incoming calls from this number are blocked. A number can be removed from the privacy list by pressing and holding it and then selecting the “remove” option.

  • Number column – displays the blocked number. To Unblock, select and hold the line and then select Unblock from the pop up.
  • Name column – displays the user-defined name of the caller. To add a name, Touch and hold the line, select Edit Name from the pop up and enter a name in the input box.
  • Blocked – displays the number of times the call has been blocked.

My Privacy List Additional Options

  • Select any Line item to expand the details for the number.

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  • Press and Hold any line item to receive a pop up window with additional options.
    • Edit Name –Change the name that appears for the Blocked Number
    • UnBlock Number– Remove the number from the My Privacy List. The number will no longer be blocked unless it meets another blocking option on the settings page of PrivacyStar that is enabled.
    • Share With A Friend – Sends the blocked number to a friend with the suggestion that they should also block it and where to download PrivacyStar.