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BlackBerry back for good?

It is no secret that we are and have always been big fans of the BlackBerry. We built our very first PrivacyStar app for the BlackBerry and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Z10, in hopes of it bringing the BlackBerry back.
But while it has so far experienced promising sales numbers, will it be sustainable? According to Rahul Chattaraj of the Motley Fool Blog Network, the BlackBerry has many promising signs of staying afloat…


First off, the phone-maker did what it had to do with the launch of the Z10: managed to sell over 1 million phones in the UK and Canada alone, in just 2 weeks. This is impressive considering 75% of the market was entirely absent.

Second, worldwide reviews are now coming in and definitely seem positive. On average, users have rated the phone better than the iPhone5, Galaxy S IV, and Nokia Lumia 920.

Third, there’s more and even better product to come. The physical-keyboard version of the Z10, the Q10, is due out next month and pre-orders from major carriers are already “overwhelming”.

Forth, the Z10 has some innovative features like home vs work screens, and a much better display and resolution than the iPhone5. It’s top-notch security features are still in place and very attractive to the business class. They are also working constantly to add new apps and become more “hip”- showing the BlackBerry user is just as active on social forums as their iPhone and Android cousins.

And finally, BlackBerry has a very strong financial backing and lots of leverage to fuel research and development.

Clearly, Mr. Chattaraj  is not the only fan of the company’s future growth, as stocks are doing well and predictions quite positive.

But what do you think? Will the BlackBerry make a full comeback and rival the 2 big boys for more of the market? Will you purchase one yourself?

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