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Lookup+ for iPhone is the newest addition to the PrivacyStar family of applications.

With it’s slick, colorful design and “intelligent” business, residential, cell-phone, and category lookup features, you can easily put a name and place to any number.


Features Include:

Caller Lookup: Identify unrecognized cellphone, landline, and business callers by name, before sending that embarrassing “who is this?” text to someone you didn’t want to talk to! (Find our where we get our reverse lookup data)

Directory Assistance: Lookup+’s intelligent directory assistance allows users to locate the exact business name or category they are looking to find, based on where they are located. Lookup+ utilizes the most updated data available, and performs daily “smart searches” to group related category listings together so you find everything you’re looking for and more! View, call, or map the business in 2 simple clicks.

Complaint Filing: Lookup+, like the PrivacyStar app for Android & Blackberry, allows users to create complaints for potential telemarketing and debt collection violations.

Upon the user’s request, Lookup+ captures detailed information about possible violations including date, time, number and identity. Lookup+ allows users to easily provide this information to regulatory agencies so they may take action.

Please be sure your phone number is registered on your country’s Do Not Call List.

Get Lookup+ by PrivacyStar in the iTunes App Store!

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Standard Carrier charges apply for data access and air time usage associated with the use of PrivacyStar. Several features of PrivacyStar rely on data access for functionality. Check with your carrier for any restrictions, terms of use, and billing methods for incoming calls